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How Scrip Works

Here is an example of how I use scrip: last weekend I was shopping for clothes on the Lands End website. A lot of sites are having some sort of sale this time of year which is also the case with Lands End. I bought a number of different items for Christmas gifts and my total ended up being a little over $400. I placed all the items in my checkout cart to get a total and then went to the Scrip website to buy an electronic gift card called ScripNow. A lot of clothing retailers offer higher rebate amounts which is also the case with Lands End offering 16% back. Within 2 minutes I purchased a $400 electronic gift card for Lands End, was able to receive the gift card number/pin, entered the gift card number into the Lands End checkout cart completing the purchase, and received a rebate credit for $48 from scrip. Out of that $48 the soccer club will send me a check for $37.00 in March when the spring season starts. The end result is that my family directly earned $37 in rebates for 2 minutes worth of effort. Over the last number of weeks my family has been using scrip for our weekly groceries, Christmas and birthday presents, and some family entertainment activities. So far we have raised $186 and I still plan on buying a couple larger gifts like a gaming system and television in the next couple weeks.

Other favorite retailers: Walmart, Shoprite, Acme

List of Participating retailers to Earn Free Money:     


Pittsgrove Soccer Club scrip registration code is 29DB28D337151

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