PSC Rush Affiliation


To: Pittsgrove Soccer Club Community
From: Dave Hayman, President and the PSC Executive Committee 

Subject: PSC & NJ Rush Soccer Affiliation 

We are excited to announce that the Pittsgrove Soccer Club’s Executive Committee has approved affiliating with NJ Rush Soccer – to be known as Pittsgrove-Rush Soccer beginning with Fall 2012. Rush Soccer is a nationally recognized youth soccer organization with over 40,000 players in 26 states. Rush has a cooperative system to share training and coaching systems, strong and proven player development programs, and expanded player and team opportunities.  The majority of our Coaches are from the South Jersey area with backgrounds that include current college coaches, current high school coaches, former professional players and college players. 

PSC’s mission is to provide area youth a place to play soccer through developmental recreational teams and competitive travel teams participating in the South Jersey Leagues and Regional Premier Leagues. Our goal is to provide all players a positive environment for the development and enjoyment of soccer at all levels of play. 

Over ten years ago we recognized that in order to enhance player development, the training level would need to improve at the youngest ages. So we introduced skilled coaches into the recreational program from tots on up. Not only does this positively influence our player development, but it helps parents and parent coaches realize these benefits early. The success of quality recreation training has translated into highly competitive travel teams at early ages. 

As our teams have developed and grown through the normal phases of soccer, training choices have sometimes become fragmented and inconsistent. We have reached the point where the Club desires proven and uniform training and, most importantly, consistency from recreation through travel and ultimately to premier team levels. Club-wide quality, consistency, and development are what the NJ Rush relationship will provide for PSC. 

We understand that change takes time, so we are using a phased approach in the transition to PSC-Rush. Coaches have been training most of our travel teams, either once or twice a week, and have been positively received. They will be integral in any new teams. We are hoping with this alliance to create teams where we are missing an age and/or at higher competition levels. Eventually, it is the Club’s goal to have competitive teams at each age and all levels in order to provide a soccer home to players at all skill levels. 

This affiliation will provide Club members with development and playing opportunities beyond what we can provide alone. Pittsgrove SC has always had a good reputation for building strong teams. Our former players have been good mentors for the younger teams and many have earned play at collegiate level. Now with Rush, we will have the structure and support to continue that success and build an even stronger soccer community. 

We are starting at the bottom and building our way up over time – and it will take time. Cost-wise, you will not see any major changes to the existing fee schedule, which is currently lower than all neighboring clubs. Compare the Rush premier costs with other premier club costs in the area and you will find that with Rush there is a staggering cost savings yet with higher quality training and coaching. In addition to this, Rush has an established network of clubs in our neighboring states which our teams have the ability to interact through friendlies and tournaments at reduced cost. The list of benefits is only going to grow. 

This is an exciting time for the Club. Please let’s be patient to make this work for your children and your soccer community. Remember, PSC is an all-volunteer non-profit organization and so will remain. Any help you can provide will be well-received. Any questions, please feel free to contact one of the board members. 


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