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Celebrating 30 Years

2015 Spring Inter League

This program will consist of parent volunteer coaches. The coaches will have one  60 minute practice a week and games on Saturdays.  The age group will also have crossover games, home and away with surrounding twps. and travel teams which allow for a more competitive level of play. The away games will be set by the coaches if there is interest t do so. 


Registered Players 4/28

Drew Amoroso Jacob Michelotti
JAIDIN Barber Dawson Moir
Jacob barker Caleb Monell
Zachary Blume Angelina Panarello
Sophie Bonselaar Johnathan Penn
Abigail Bonselaar zachary pinizzotto
Seth Brodzik Natalie Ramirez
Joshua Chhin Ace Rivera
caleb coggins Trey Rogers
Daniel Croce Travis Sachs
Juan Diaz Anthony Scavette
Wyatt DiGregorio Molly Sloboda
Madison Dillon Vaughn Stevenson
Madeline Downer Adelane Sulik
Erick Garcia Zachary Tucker
christian hawk Emily Tucker
Gina Ingegneri Adryanna valentin
Timothy LaRock Victoria Volpe
Danielle Lodge Zackary Volpe
Juliana Lorito

Coach Croce

Seth Brodzik
caleb coggins
Daniel Croce
Emily Farrell
Erick Garcia
Timothy LaRock
Jacob Michelotti
Caleb Monell
Natalie Ramirez
Trey Rogers
Anthony Scavette
Molly Sloboda
Victoria Volpe
Zackary Volpe

Coach Lodge

Drew Amoroso
Zachary Blume
Juan Diaz
Wyatt DiGregorio
Madison Dillon
Gina Ingegneri
Danielle Lodge
Juliana Lorito
zachary pinizzotto
Ace Rivera
Evan Robinson
Adryanna valentin

Coach Tucker/Bonselaar

Drew Amoroso
Jacob barker
Sophie Bonselaar
Abigail Bonselaar
Joshua Chhin
Madeline Downer
christian hawk
Dawson Moir
Angelina Panarello
Vaughn Stevenson
Adelane Sulik
Zachary Tucker
Emily Tucker

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