2014 Spring Inter League

This program will consist of parent volunteer coaches. The coaches will have one  60 minute practice a week and games TBA.  The age group will also have crossover games, home and away with surrounding twps. and travel teams which allow for a more competitive level of play. This program will need Parents to volunteer as the coaches and a parent volunteer to be the age group coordinator to oversee the games, scores and the conduct of all. 


Registered Players 4/2

Regina Anderson Zachary Pinizzotto
Zane Berry Sierra Reed (Gindlesperger)
Seth Brodzik Jaysen Richie
Colin Charlesworth Joseph Richie
Joshua Chhin James Rowson
Amber Crawford Michael Rumpp
Daniel Croce Matthew Ryan
Nolan Croce Bryan Sanchez
Juan Diaz Anthony Scavette
Wyatt DiGregorio Chance Schmidt
Molly Sloboda
David Goode Logan Smith
Juan Luis Gomez Rachel Spinelli
Daniel Haer Zachary Tucker
Alexis Hart Emily Tucker
Zack Kolbe Jacob Vanaman
Sarah Lamplugh Zackary Volpe

Coach Croce / Gomez

Regina Anderson
Daniel Croce
Nolan Croce
Juan Diaz
Juan Luis Gomez
Daniel Haer
Alexis Hart
Zachary Pinizzotto
Jaysen Richie
Joseph Richie
James Rowson
Bryan Sanchez
Anthony Scavette
Molly Sloboda
Logan Smith
Rachel Spinelli
Zackary Volpe

Coach Reed / Tucker

Zane Berry
Seth Brodzik
Colin Charlesworth
Joshua Chhin
Amber Crawford
Wyatt DiGregorio
David Goode
Zack Kolbe
Sarah Lamplugh
Sierra Reed (Gindlesperger)
Michael Rumpp
Matthew Ryan
Chance Schmidt
Zachary Tucker
Emily Tucker
Jacob Vanaman

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